T20 Heavy-Duty Industrial Rider Scrubber

The T20 delivers significant cleaning power with an exceptional scrubbing and water recovery system, and provides health and safety benefits. It is easy to operate and maintain, and helps improve a facility’s image by providing consistent, heavy-duty cleaning results.

Tennant’s T20 Industrial Rider Scrubber provides excellent cleaning in industrial environments with features designed to maximize productivity and provide high-performance results.

• Achieve excellent cleaning results with aggressive scrubbing and MaxPro²™ hydraulic technology.
• Maximize productivity with ec-H2O™ technology for cleaning up to three times longer than conventional scrubbing.
• Increase visibility with cab-forward design, open sightlines, and steering-wheel-mounted controls.
• Provide an easy operator and maintenance experience with intuitive controls and easy-to-identify yellow touch points.
• Minimize costs and protect your investment with durable and quality construction.