T12 Compact Battery Rider Scrubber

Compact Battery-Powered Rider Scrubber-dryer. The power of a heavy-duty rider scrubber-dryer and the manoeuvrability of a compact footprint. Increase cleaning productivity by utilising Tennant’s innovative product features chemical free ec-H20™ technology.

Get the benefit of more cleaning productivity in the T12 compact, battery-powered rider scrubber

• Experience the power of a heavy-duty rider scrubber without sacrificing maneuverability. The T12 offers a 28% wider scrub path and edge-to-edge cleaning when using the optional scrubbing side-brush.
• Clean effectively, save money, increase safety and reduce environmental impact with optional chemical-free ec-H2O Technology when compared to daily floor-cleaning chemicals and methods.
• Clean floors from edge-to-edge with optional scrubbing side-brush.
• Save time and money in routine maintenance activity with easy-to-identify, yellow maintenance touch points.
• Keep cost of ownership low and ensure maximum up-time with worry-free operation, durable construction, and ease of maintenance.