S30 Mid-Size Rider Sweeper

Sweeping with the S30 increases productivity, and provides health and safety benefits. It is simple to operate and maintain, and helps improves a facility’s image for both heavy and light dust applications.

Tennant’s S30 Mid-sized Ride-on Sweeper easily picks up everything from cement dust to heavy debris

• Maximize ride-on sweeper performance and dry dust control with the 3-stage SweepSmart™ system.
• Clean indoors and outdoors without compromising ride-on sweeper performance.
• Improve operator visibility and reduce fatigue with cab forward Ergospace™ compartment design.

Key machine features of the S30 Mid-sized Ride-on Sweeper

• Easy-open service access and on board diagnostics allow quick, easy sweeper maintenance.
• II Speed™ sweeping technology matches sweeping speed to debris type.
• 80 dBA noise level is one of the lowest in this class for an engine-powered sweeper.

Choose the ideal options to tailor the S30 Mid-Sized Ride-on Sweeper to your environment

• Dual side brushes increase sweeping path and productivity.
• Rear bumper minimises machine damage in severe environments.
• Pressurised heated and air conditioned cab increases operator safety and reduces operator fatigue.