5700 Industrial Strength Floor Scrubber

The 5700 walk behind floor scrubber cleans tough floor messes. Add a Tennant scrubbing technology like ec-H2O NanoClean™ or FaST® to reduce water and detergent use. 

The 5700 walk behind scrubber cleans tough, industrial facilities

• Clean stubborn dirt, grime, greases, and oils with the 5700’s powerful scrubbing.
• Increase productivity with Extended Scrubbing .Technology or an extra large tank that reduces frequent water changes.
• Use your scrubber as part of the Tennant Finished Concrete Systems to prep and polish concrete floors.

Key machine features of the 5700 walk behind floor scrubber

• Aluminum squeegee assembly and scrub heads, shock-absorbing frame and durable polyethylene construction for long machine life.
• Up to 300 lb/ 136 kg of down pressure with heavy-duty motor options.
• Tennant’s innovative ec-H2O and FaST technologies use 70% less water and clean up to three times longer with a single tank of water.

Choose the ideal options to customize the 5700 floor scrubber for your environment

• Available in disk or cylindrical scrub heads with three path widths: 28 in / 710 mm, 32 in / 810 mm or 36 in / 910 mm.
• Off-aisle power wand extends cleaning reach.
• Dual vac fan increases vacuum lift by up to 30 percent to pick up bulky, tough soils found in industrial facilities.